Cleaner Living -
It matters who cleans your carpet. Most carpet manufactures recommend
the hot water extraction/steam clean method. And in fact, may require proof of periodic cleaning using this method in order to keep from voiding your carpet warranty.
Using this method with our Bane-Clene® equipment  you can be assured that your carpet will be left as clean as possible. Bane-Clene® was one of the 1st companies to earn the seal of approval for superior cleaning from the Carpet and Rug Institute.   
Other methods of cleaning may damage your carpet and leave behind a sticky residue which causes rapid resoiling of your carpet. Their cleaning is only 2 dimensional  - (length and width), not depth -it is not deep cleaning,and does not get out all of the soil in the carpet - which is critical to helping maintain and extend the life and appearance of your carpet. Additionally, they may cause carpet pile distortion, fiber damage, swirl marks, grind & leave soil in your carpet. And when they are done cleaning you may end up with living and breathing sewage in the bottom of your carpet. Many of their cleaning detergents may contain optical brighteners  which could damage your carpet, especially the color and appearance.  Not all cleaning detergents are the same  - the quality of them is extremely important.
Our minimum charge starts as low as $85.00 and may vary depending on where you are located.  This may be lower than most companies in your area. Also, we usually charge by the square ft. and not by the room - so you are paying only for what you are getting cleaned, and not overpaying for what is not cleaned.